Light in the darkness

Helping vulnerable children and young people to help themselves

Light in the darkness

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Welcome to Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness (hereafter called LITD) was established in 2005 by a German forwarding agent, who gave up his job to live and work in the Roma slum of Varna, Bulgaria. LITD was founded to help children and youths who had never experienced any kind of – or only insufficient – help.

In 2010 the society „Paisiy Hildendarski“ was founded and registered in Bulgaria. This is a social relief society within the network LITD.

LITD started its work in a small flat in the middle of Varna slum where, together with a dozen boys, a community was established. The community treats the children and youths with respect and shows them how to live an orderly life. A lot of the boys have already started to change their life to leave their old slum life behind them.

Kinder aus dem Ghetto in Uniform in die Schule

children from the ghetto wearing their school uniform

LITD does not see itself as a community of people belonging to the ethnic group of the Roma, but is open to everyone.  It is very important for us to build bridges between the various ethnic groups in Bulgaria and to support the different groups  living together.

It is not the aim of LITD to give charity but to offer support for self-help so that the young people are able to manage their own affairs.  LITD does not work for the people in the slum but works with them.

The help is divided into different areas of work and you can find further information via the menu on the right.